Life Framer – Photography competition


Let’s face it, (almost) everyone can pick up a camera and shoot some decent photographs with it. But it’s not until you get out of your shell to let your work be judged by someone else than by the always positive Facebook crowd when you start pushing boundaries. Life Framer is an organisation aiming to push artists to such boundaries with an international award and exhibition for any photographer that is interested. The award is by photographers, for photographers,

Life Framer was established as an independent way to unearth talent, with a focus on exposure and professional feedback for the winners rather than big money prizes. It’s completely crowd sourced – both the content and the funding to run an exhibition at the end. We hope it’s a little different from the myriad of other awards that are out there.

We had a little chat with Ralph, one of the guys behind Life Framer, to see what he’s all about!


Photo by Christophe Jacrot

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I’m Ralph – a graphic and product designer originally from Bristol but now living and working in London. I met the other guys through a shared love of art and photography, and haven’t shook them since.


Photo by Carlos Mesquita

What motivated you to create an independent photography contest?

It’s actually evolved into a totally different beast from when we started. Originally we were discussing the idea of exhibiting some of our own work, which led onto conversations about how much good art there is out there and how difficult it is to find an audience. We spoke about competitions that we had entered in the past, and thought we could do something a little better – something with heart, and a strong creative theme, and that would be of value to the entrants, i.e. offering them real exposure, and professional feedback, and a place in a gallery. From our perspective, we like to curate and it’d be a cool opportunity to build something from nothing, and gain some experience in curation.


Photo by Jeff Seltzer

What would you advice aspiring photographers that want to participate?

The theme we set each month is deliberately abstract, leaving room for interpretation. Likewise we encourage images of any size, shape and format. Ultimately we hope that this gives each entrant the opportunity to be super-creative so that would be my advice – An entry for ‘A Modern Life’ doesn’t have to be a building or a cityscape – use your imagination, and give it a go!


Photo by Wout Overkamp

Where do you hope to go with this in the future?

The process of setting themes, collaborating with professional judges and seeing the art that is entered is a lot of fun, and so we want make sure the project is sustainable and interesting to photographers. We want to put on a really successful exhibition at the end of it all, and continue to seek out good collaborative opportunities along the way in order to expand the exposure our entrants get. We’re creative and resourceful, so expect a few surprises too!


Photo by Anthony Cassell