A ‘Mooiemuur’ Mural in Beirut

Dutch Graffiti artist Roy Valk a.k.a. KARSKI hasn’t been properly introduced to yet (even though I have an elaborate interview that needs to be transcribed lying around, any volunteers?) but I couldn’t pass up showing you the results of one of his latest projects. As we’ve collaborated with Roy in the past (CFYE at the Revelry, Graffiti Keuken video) we know that Roy works with a professionalism that is hard to match. It wouldn’t surprise me if that working ethic has landed him this Mega project in Beirut.

Painting 'the One' in Beirut

Painting ‘the One’ in Beirut

Together with over a dozen of the most talented graffiti artists around the globe, KARSKI covered the walls of what is going to be one of the biggest nightclubs in the world called ‘The One’. It has an outside surface of 2500(!) square meters which is now covered with the contents of approximately 5500 spray-cans. This might make it the biggest ‘proper’ graffiti mural around.┬áThe super-team he assembled is nothing short of an international graffiti version of the Avengers: ZEDZ, NASH (Loveletters crew), NASE, SAT-ONE, Mr. Wany, ROID (MSK), BONZAI, TELMO, MIEL (Telmoandmiel), Mr. DHEO, MARCIO, Marcelo Jou, KOAN and more (I probably forgot someone here). This is the first of two clubs they’ve painted. The second club will be located in Abu Dhabi and has another 2500 square meters to be covered!

Telmomiel at work In the cherry picker

Telmomiel at work In the cherry picker

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