Bogdan Seredyak – Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors

The portrait series was created with no clear intention in mind. It was possibly meant to serve as a way to take a different look at people around me and discover something new. One could find subtle nuances in the facial expressions of those people and take a guess what might have caused them. Human curiosity is the sole motive that leads us to discover undiscovered and unexpected. In those spontaneous moments that these snapshots were taken there is plenty of it…” – Bogdan Seredyak

About Kaymir Stark

Kaymir Stark is a dutch visual artist. I create abstract and atmospheric landscapes, full of light, sounds and scents. My work is in praise of simplicity and purity. I am looking for the space between the notes. The void that harbours mystique and rawness. A richly mellow beauty that’s striking but not obvious. An unpolished power that harnesses nature’s hidden properties. Expressed in the muted tones of closely related hues.