Crack-Mag #002

Crack Magazine is a free, online magazine containing the best stuff we have featured on In this totally visual magazine you will find the most inspiring street art, graffiti, photography and other stuff we love. Crack-Magazine gets published every once in a while.

Almost a year after Crack-Mag #001 the second issue is a fact. The CFYE brand and network has expanded during this year beyond our imagination, and we’ve only just begun. This issue is put together by our good friend Meneer de Zwart, who had the difficult task to narrow down the huge amount of submissions and contributions. The magazine features a exquisite selection of work from street artists, photographers and musicians. We would like to thank all of you who helped realizing this issue, whether you did make the cut or didn’t. It was very important for us to credit the artists correctly, so we made sure all of the URLs / links are click able and will take you to the artist portfolio or interview on This way we could offer the artists an extra channel of exposure. Now without further delay, we proudly present CRACK MAGAZINE #002.

Crack-Mag #002 features the works of Chase (BE/USA), Dan Kitchener (UK), Adam Mclevey (UK), Mr.Maze(NL), Fake(NL), Mr.Zero (HU), Dave Raphael (USA), ASBOluv (UK), Mishfit (UK), Snub23 (UK), iamdoom (NL), various photographers from our Shuttercrack flickr pool and many others!

About Kaymir Stark

Kaymir Stark is a dutch visual artist. I create abstract and atmospheric landscapes, full of light, sounds and scents. My work is in praise of simplicity and purity. I am looking for the space between the notes. The void that harbours mystique and rawness. A richly mellow beauty that’s striking but not obvious. An unpolished power that harnesses nature’s hidden properties. Expressed in the muted tones of closely related hues.