Diana Lemieux

It’s not easy to distinguish yourself as a conceptual portrait photographer, as there’s tons of them out on Flickr who try and get a bit of recognition for their work. The photography of Diana Lemieux sets herself apart though! Based in Boston, she creates expressive female portraits that are both raw as emotional.

I started photography around 2005 when I was living in Brooklyn. I’m in Boston now which is my hometown. My passion is creating conceptual stories that have an air of mystery and tension in them. I have always been drawn to images that have a film still quality and where the viewer can question what may have happened before and what might happen next. I started out shooting mainly self portraiture but have grown so much over the last few years and really enjoy collaborating with other artists and models. I am inspired by artists such as Tim Walker, Miss Aniela and Annie Leibowitz.

About Arden de Raaij

Front-end developer, Photographer and co-founder of cfye.com, originally from Amsterdam the Netherlands but currently located in Lisbon, Portugal.