Florian Riviere – Urban hacktivist

You have to love today’s generation. Growing up with daily site hacks and ddos attacks by anon and other groups, we all know we can take matters into our own hands with ease. So why not apply this to real-time situations and our urban environment? That’s what Florian Riviere must’ve thought when he first started altering our environment. Inspired by hackers and video-games Florian reinvests in the streets and reclaims the urban environment. With a combination of DIY and upcycling (upgrading waste) he always has a witty response to the current authorities of our public space, and always in hilarious ways.

“ Games, furnishings, traps, maps … : so many urban tactics to show the functionality of sites, and direct action of the user on urban space. A space unfortunately controlled for too long by professionals and bureaucrats of the city, and now lacking in humanity and sensitivity.”

About Arden de Raaij

Front-end developer, Photographer and co-founder of cfye.com, originally from Amsterdam the Netherlands but currently located in Lisbon, Portugal.