Franco Monari – hardcore vending machines

Italian photographer Franco Monari has been capturing a peculiar addition to the local landscape over the past two years: Sex / Porn vending machines. These hardcorde DVD machines have been erecting all over the place and Franco Monari caught over 300 of this machines on photo.  The machines do not only sell DVD’s, but also vibrators and other sex gadgets.

Franco: “These machines have been developed recently. There are areas in Italy where there aren’t any at all, but there are also areas where they are all around: in the city, at the petrol stations or at the car washes. Sometimes you can see them near schools and residential areas. I started to photograph them in 2010 when they made their first appearance. I was immidiately impressed because they’re placed in the open landscape and city. As if it were normal to be able to buy a porn movie at 10AM near the bakery. I don’t want to crticize the ones who use or produce these machines. I only watche the landscape and document its evolution.

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