Isaac Cordal – Cement eclipses

In the world of ‘street art’ it doesn’t take too long for good people to find each other. This is also the case with the good people behind book publisher carpetbombingculture and the talented artist Isaac Cordal, hailing from Spain but now living in London.

Isaac’s work is nothing short of amazing. He creates small cement sculptures that take form of miniature people. Placed in the right context they create very recognizable situations depicting many of our social and environmental problems. Because his cement interventions are small and vulnerable only a lucky few will see them in real life. That’s why a huge part of Isaac’s work is documenting his work in the right way, something he has been doing very successful since the start of this project.

The first time we saw Isaac’s work was in Untitled III, also by carpetbombingculture. Not long after, we did an interview with Isaac Cordal.


Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal

Now Isaac Cordal and carpetbombingculture have teamed up again to create an amazing book dedicated to Isaac’s small interventions: Cement Eclipses.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy from the good people of Carpetbombingculture, and have been very impressed by the whole thing. The first noticeable thing is the quality. I received a version with a thick hard cover and beautiful matte pages. I mean not that I don’t like glossy, but these pictures truly shine on matte. Obviously no costs have been spared to print this book. The second noticeable thing is that it’s thick. I didn’t knew about Isaac Cordal until somewhere last year, but he’s either been very busy or has been doing this for quite a while because there are plenty of pages in it!

Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal

It’s been over a week since this book arrived in the mail and I’m still very delighted with it. It’s not only a great collectable, it’s something you’ll happily flick through over and over again without getting bored. There’s just too much to discover in the situations of these little people.

For those who have a few extra bucks to spare, there are also signed limited editions available which include one of these amazing sculpted figures. Get ’em while they’re still there because this might be one of those collectables you don’t want to lose.

About Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal is a sculpture / urban artist from Spain best known for his Cement Eclipse art-works.