Isaac Cordal – Galicia

Street art sculptor Isaac Cordal continues to impress us with his Cement Eclipse series! The little cement sculptures he places in cities around the world always convey the right emotion. The latest cement eclipses update comes from the home of Isaac Cordal: the Galicia area in the North-West of Spain. In Pontevedra, Galicia there’s a big pulp mill which has been polluting the area and transforming the landscape into something hideous since 1957. Isaac’s cement eclipses don’t seem to be too happy with this transformation.

Isaac Cordal: “The complex Celulosas-Elnosa  factory was intended to bring industry and employment for the Galician population.  This factory has completely transformed Galician landscape and polluted Pontevedra´s estuary since 1957. Factory is located in a sandy area that once was the sea and where shellfish are grown. This factory produces wood pulp from a tree called eucalyptus imported from Australia. This tree grows well in our climate and grow uncontrollably everywhere.  At one time the government even subsidizing people to plant them. In this sense the Galician landscape has lost its native forest mass, part of its beauty, because Eucalyptus absorbs too much water  and nothing grows under them. In theory, in 2018, this factory should move to another location. Meanwhile a nauseating smell surrounding the area.

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