Since 2007, The Cyklop has been invading Paris watching people. diverting the metal poles and bollards that inhabit urban areas. His character has one eye, referring to the fantastical creatures of Greek mythology and inspired by the archetypes of folk art, comics, manga, the world of toys (Lego, Playmobile …) as African art, the animal kingdom or popular mythologies …

On the margins of the panels of signage or advertising which the city is full, he enrolled in the public space in an original, free and universal at the corner of a street, park or monument …  legal or illegal, the public is often won, regardless of age or social class.

A draft invasive, where the multiplicity of urban space in these figures / toys, generates a new minority to which everyone can relate to. Cyklop reclaims the public space and thus carries a playful look and sometimes hallucinates the way we view the world.