Light Brushing Graffiti by Florian Krause

If you know us a little bit, you also know that we fell in love with light painting since we saw the amazing photography of  light painting pioneer Dana Maltby aka TCB. Since then we’ve added a light painting section to the site (cracklightdistrict) and we’ve done a lot with light painting, including our very own workshop event. We’ve also seen the combination of light painting and graffiti before, but it’s rarely as awesome as this! The German Florian Krause has been busy with what he calls ‘light brushing graffiti’, which sounds pretty awesome to me. The colors are perfectly matched with the pieces of Mad C, Desan, Iron Monkey and Pixeljuice come to live.

Florian: “My first inspiration was in fact TCB. I am in contact with him on flickr and I saw the possibility to light paint graffiti in his works first. Because there is a lot of good graff around here ( the “Meeting of Styles” graffiti event is close to here each year) and I am a big street art fan, these two things found each other. Also I was a bit uninspired in light painting objects. It was a great new input trying light graffs. And I got so addicted to it!
It’s like meditation. I have to really understand the graff. I study it a long time. Then, while light brushing with torches, of course I can’t see what is already lightened and what not, that’s why I have to absolutely know my movements. I think from outside it looks a bit like a dance.
 And it’s such a magic moment when you come to your camera after one or two minutes brushing and see the result! It’s every time a special moment. That what make me continue with this.
 Cause i can see the result on display, its possible to optimise it as good as it can get. Since the last two pieces i experiment with colourgels to intense the graff`s colours, and its working great. I am so inspired this time and would love to do it all night long, but right now I am quite busy in my job as cameraman.”

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