The Good, The Bad, The Villain, CANEMORTO and The Crack for Your Eyes Slinger: Amo-te Lisboa

Sometimes it’s not us finding dope projects it’s the dope that finds us. How does that saying go? I don’t look for drugs, but drugs look for me? Or was that from a song? Anyhow, this one is one of those dope projects. One of those we wanna roll up in a joint, light up, take a puff. And another puff. Then pass it along.

Amo-te Lisboa is an ode and a work of god. That god is Txakurra. He is a hungry god. Hungry for grotesquely and intriguingly spitting out visions of reality through his vessels: CANEMORTO

They must listen to his word and in doing so they bring us Lisbon through their eyes. Mighty Txakurra commanded CANEMORTO to spread the word so O Bom O Mao e O Vilao and your friendly neighborhood crack for your eyes slinger heeded.

Well, we won’t keep you much longer, you can watch the whole film yourselves right here in English and right there in Italian. You could also come have a drink with us at O Bom O Mau e O Vilão some time.

The film screening was a huge success, a full house and then some. Look:
ed3e402c5d592c3c9ae5b7d1b73f8c97See? Well, I guess you had to be there…
ImageOur photographer that night was shit but those shadows? A bunch of people. Trust us, we’re people.

Oh one more thing! You read this far! Congratulations! Your attention span is longer than a kitten’s!

Remember when we announced the event? We mentioned an exposition, yes? Yeah that couldn’t happen because a renegade mailman hijacked the parcel. Needless to say, said renegade mailman has now been apprehended by our skillful ninjas and the parcel has finally been delivered to our Lx headquarters. We’re keeping it for the next exposition with other artists still to be announced. Aka we don’t fucking know the lineup for sure yet.

2016-02-16 19.10.20By kept we mean hostage

So keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the crack but don’t be surprised when folks look at y’all weird on the street while doing so. What we actually mean is, keep tuned for more from us and from CANEMORTO. Especially because of TOYS
P.S: Yeah, the screening was on the 28th of January and we just got around to posting this. Welcome to our life.