The Orb-Acle Collaboration Project

Now what is all this? Our good friends from light painting collective Fiz-Iks started on a new collaboration project we couldn’t be more hyped about! They’ve searched the earth to find the freakiest animal heads they could find and beheaded them (just kidding, they’re just masks but they’re still freakishly scary) to tell a light painting photography story on a global scale! The first chapter will be made in the home-base of Fiz-Iks (Japan), from where they will be sent to light painting photographers all over the world that will continue the story. Fiz-Iks gave CFYE the honor to feature this story and let the world see how it will unfold!

About Trevor Wiliams

I am a commercial and fine art photographer based out of Okayama, Japan. I am available for commercial shooting, including weddings, and and light painting/night photography workshops globally.