CFYE is an online magazine aimed at exploring the thoughts and works of those who are most passionate about their craft. Through our articles we want to introduce you to the people and stories that inspire us so much!

We’re based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


  • What does 'CFYE' stand for?

    CFYE stands for Crack For Your Eyes as we serve highly addictive eye-candy and push it like Nino Brown in New Jack City. We should all be glad that we were mere toddlers in the 80’s.

  • Can I submit my (art) work?

    Yeah sure! Shoot us a message through the contact page and we’ll gladly have a look at it. If we feel it fits CFYE we will get in touch with you shortly. Due to the many submissions we can’t get back to everyone we don’t publish, but as we believe in etiquette we always try.

  • Do you accept guest blog posts / submitted articles?

    We’re a bunch of fiends for passionate stories about travels, crafts, people, art and any other subject that seems to fit our site. As long as it makes for an addictive read and is visual appealing we will consider it. Note that we only publish unique content, so no duplicates. If you’re interested in contributing to our site, please contact us with a small outline of the story and visuals.

  • I want CFYE T-Shirts and Stickers!!

    Excellent! We’ll start our pre-order process soon so keep your eyes on the site or sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know.

  • Your logo game is tight! Who created this 'pink beast'?

    Our logo is designed by our friend and very talented, international award-winning, top-notch Dutch designer Meneer de Zwart / Mister Black / Monsieur Noir / SeƱor Negro.

  • Can you promote my event?

    First of all: Congratulations on your event! Second: No.

  • To where can I send my mailing list / newsletter / press release ?

    To HELL!! Yes, that means we seriously dislike receiving newsletters, mailings, press releases and any other forms of impersonal mass e-mails we haven’t signed up for. Please don’t send them as we will not open or view them. If you still do, you might wake up with a horse head in your bed.

  • Is your content NSFW?

    You’ll find a naked body here or there, but if you really consider our content NSFW, you’v got the wrong job!

  • What happened to your Facebook account?

    Every second we spend on self-promotion on Facebook is a second we’re not spending on making dope content. In other words, we deleted our accounts to get busy and urge you to do the same!